They dont have any special health issues other than a tendency to become overweight if their diet isnt controlled carefully. 706 936 38 76 Rey . We were so well. Our children loved it as did our little dog! Here's a summary of my findings: Kunekune are the smallest breed of pigs. Myself, my husband and every single one of our guests commented on how amazing the whole experience was. The surroundings fill you with. Sometimes, they will have as many as 12 piglets. They are GRASS FED pork if you want to process them. It is a fact that Lou and myself will be going back there again. most friendly people ive ever met. A Kunekune gilt may begin cycling around six months old. Males its best to wait until theyre at least 12 months old. Females average 100 to 175 pounds, while males can reach the 200 to 250-plus range. They can grow up to be about 4 feet (1.2 metres long) and between 130 220 lbs (60 to 100 Kg). These heritage-breed pigs are great for small to moderate-sized farms and homesteads. The saying goes 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days. But thats just my opinion. What are Kunekune pigs like as a breed? If your breeder says it has miniature pigs, you should ask for proof. Kunekune pigs are relatively small and highly distinctive, characterized physically by a short-legged, dumpy build, pot tummy, short upturned nose, and a generally fat, roundabout appearance. When I first got into researching about Kunekunes, I was full of questions. You can then select any combination of breeds, such as Berkshire, Chester White, Duroc, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Guinea Hog, Hampshire, Hereford, Idaho Pasture Pig, Juliana, Kunekune, Landrace, Large Black, Mangalitsa, Meishan, Ossabaw Island, Poland China, Red Wattle, Spotted, Tamworth . The intelligent animals also possess remarkable long-term memory after internalizing a technique. These pigs have oodles of personality. Ben January 10, 2021 livestock, pigs ethical omnivore, grassfed grazing pigs. I booked it for my 30th party which we had in the, party barn. Most adults stand about 2 ft. tall at the shoulder. Mrs B and Family, thank you for all that you did and I hope your sites continues to grow with success. helpful. So much to see and do we will back soon x, Just returned home after a fantastic weekend at Barnutopia, absolutely loved it! American Guinea Hog: Is This Small & Calm Breed Right For My Farm? KuneKunes can eat all vegetables including, celery, potatoes, tomatoes, and lettuce. Mr & mrs B are the. Do I regret getting them? three have been together for 6 years and the other is the daughter of one who is 4. Great business you have guys, and we wish you all the success. We've just returned from a fantastic weekend away at Barnutopia. -Advertisement-. We made full use of the Party barn and facilities, including Pizzas, cooked breakfasts and pancakes and we had a huge BBQ on the Sunday where no one went hungry In a sense, you can domesticate a kunekune pig, though they will always be considered a "wild" animal. They created an excellent atmosphere. Thanks Katrina you were fab!! When it comes to kunekune pigs, having enough room to roam is typically ample enough exercise for them. Usually around the age of 8 months, Kunekune boars reach sexual maturity. Like with pot-bellied pigs, owning a kunekune pig as a pet is legal in many areas, though some places classify them as a form of livestock and therefore require certain types of enclosures and permits. Thankyou so much Katrina and Steve are great hosts and even entertaining the kids of. Located in the. Their upturned noses mean that Kunekune pigs are better suited for grazing than rooting. . Kunekune pigs may not be as popular as pot-bellied pigs, but more and more people are getting them for pets. A New Zealand breed, our kunekune pigs Felix and Fiona are delightful. Most challenging of all will be keeping them mentally stimulated and ensuring you have the proper (and large enough) environment for them. It is in a beautiful setting with stunning views and lots to do in the surrounding area. They make for excellent pets and because their size is smaller than other breeds, are great . Piglets 2-4 months - 1 lb (2 cups) per day . As far as pig breeds to raise, Kunekunes are a breed to consider if you are able to wait for them to grow. Itll depend on where you live but the average cost can range from about $300 for a piglet to $600-800 for adults. They can be weaned at 8 weeks and go to new homesat 9 weeks, at which point they weigh about 13 lbs (6 Kg) . x, Would recommend this site to everyone the place is beautiful the yurts are cosy and cute and to top that katrina, Steve, and family are so welcoming and friendly we felt at ease and well looked after thanks for a wonderful couple of days we will definitely be back, If it was just about the accommodation our mini break would rate 5 stars with a comment of very very good as the yurt. Mr & Mrs Hartley-Gott xx. They are slow-growing pigs compared to other breeds. Copyright 2022-2023 Alisha Falcone. Breeders combined Kunekunes, Durocs and Berkshire pigs to create a new pig breed called Idaho Pasture pigs. Just like some goats do. Andy & Inma (and Benson). Keep up the amazing work , What an amazing venue, had our wedding renewal here last weekend 22nd June, such a spectacular place, Katrina and Steve, were so helpful and professional making the whole weekend go with ease amazing! Breeders in a couple of states in the United States are out there, so check out local rescue or enthusiast groups near you for some direction. I will 100% be going back to stay here. Great hospitality! Clean, friendly and accommodating, we would certainly recommend! We were made to feel so, welcome. They need less protein than other pig breeds so more of their diet can consist mostly of vegetables, grains and grass. I booked the whole site for my family and friends. Katrina and Steve are lovely hosts and cant do enough for you. Can I say as a seasoned camper how lovely it was to Glamp for a change (we did pitch a our tent this time) and to use all the facilities that were offered with it. And there you have it. Kunes eat standard 15-17% protein pig pellets. Lovely owners and absolutely stunning countryside views! Like with pot-bellied pigs, owning a kunekune pig as a pet is legalin many areas, though some places classify them as a form of livestock and therefore require certain types of enclosures and permits. Well what can I say It was great From start to finish Katrina and her staff are so. Other places allow pigs up to a certain size to be kept as pets, as long as they are kept on a leash or in an enclosed area outdoors. What a fabulous way to spend New Year, and in a cosy converted stable with room for 5 and a dog! Katrina and Steve were, the perfect hosts from the moment we arrived to the moment we left. [In-Depth Guide] YouTube, Pros and Cons of Raising Kune Kune Pigs YouTube, Kune FAQ Empire Kunekune Pig Association (, 8 Keys To Beating & Preventing Bad Health, Parrot Care The Most Complicated Pet To Own. The Barnutopia staff are very, welcoming and accomodating plus they make you feel like are part of the family there. We, John and Coral's Wedding August 2022 Fact: Things can be poisonous to pigs just like any other animal. Pancake challenge is a big hit with us! Learn why do pigs like mud. It was an amazing weekend. For now, feel free to continue reading. Katrina,Steve and her children are lovely. We will definitely be back . grass pellets and water in to a hot mash can be given. Kunekune pigs are very easygoing and friendly animals that are easy to train and handle. Katrina, Steve and family were very hospitable and welcoming. One thing to keep in mind is that Kunekune pigs are slow growing. They vary from quite hairy to very hairy. The average weight of a kunekune pig differs in both female and male pigs. Do your homework, know what you're buying, and ask yourself if you can handleor even wantto have a pet this large. Well definitely be back in the future and would recommend Barnutopia without hesitation. Tetanus is a bacteria that lives in soil. Very welcoming and looked after us locals. This still provides some bedding but also makes it easier for the piglets to maneuver out of moms way and not get crushed. To experience the wonder of Kunekune pork, you must be patient. They graze on grass and, providing you have enough of it, dont really need anything else in the summer. Steve and Katrina couldn't do enough to make the weekend, special for us all. For acreage, its about 5-6 pigs per acre. After a while it was the small-breed pigs personalities that sealed it . Just put a little peanut butter on the tip and it will train the pigs that thats their water source. The Kunekune pig is also very easy to handle, especially if you have established a good relationship with them. The yurts were. It was love at first bite. In addition to helping with pasture management, Kunekune pigs are popular in non-farming circles as pets. ), Falcone Family Farms Blog Started 10/12/18. Amazing location, set in a valley nestled amongst horses, sheep and pigs. , Have just got back from an amazing hen weekend at Barnutopia. Splitting Boys From Girls: Separate gilts and boars by about 6 months of age. The lard can be used towards cooking, baking, soap making, ect . The hair can be smooth and silky, curly, or coarse and rough. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful home and its surroundings. Do not feed mini pig food.) In addition, Kunekune pigs are grazing pigs and need less grain to grow to market weight. Book now you won't regret it xx. When fed a diet that is mainly grain, they will get overly fat. However, if you live in a place with cold, long winters, you will either need to provide indoor housing and heating for sows and piglets, or keep the boar separated from the sows to prevent farrowing when it is too cold outside. Pigs 4-9 months - 1.5 lb (3 cups) per day I can't recommend this place enough. Type Of Feeder: This will depend on your personal preference and how naughty your pigs are (most are naughty). Congratulations on everything in such a short amount of time. Extremely good value for money. Katrina was very professional in responding to our emails/and those from our suppliers and we would recommend Barnutopia to anyone looking for a unique location for their wedding. Ididmy homework and researched kunekune pigs. As is a castrated boar and a female (gilt). By the 1970s, the Kunekune breed was near extinction in the Pacific Islands. We Cant wait to come back! Nothing was too much trouble for you, the food was delish. Great wedding venue . The tick will drop off in 24 hours or at least be easier to remove. xx, An all round perfect venue, ran by a beautiful family. The yurts and huts were charming and the barn was a brilliant rustic place to party and the 360 views were breathtaking. There are no such breeds of pig called 'micro', 'teacup' or 'miniature'. Wow! It was brilliant. But holidays like this are about more than just a bed and a view, they are also about the hosts and Katrina and Steve are simply amazing what with their ability to make you feel completely at home straight away and a natural manner that is exactly the opposite of the commercial attitude some business owners have. Brilliant place, loved every minute, can't wait to return! If you've got young children Barnutopia is aptly named as it is utopia with a barn! Could not fault anything, at all - everything was impeccably organised , great value for money and in the perfect setting. Hope to be back soon x, Just got back recently from a two night stay in Barnutopia with our three grandchildren we all had a great time the. The hosts Katrina and Steve were lovely and super helpful. Provided you dont take them anywhere, they dont need any vaccinations. Kunekune have lovely temperaments. Some homesteaders use it for making soap. The views, the yurts and your hospitality are. They do root a bit, but mostly they graze. Some folks view kunekune pigs as impractical for meat production. Highly recommend a trip to Barutopia. Adult Size: Up to 4 feet long; between 130 and 220 pounds. (Dave needs roller skates for this, bless him!!) Keep track of your sow's estimated farrowing day and put her in a safe area about a week before she is due to give birth. We had a brilliant time at our lovely friends wedding yesterday. You would not regret booking here , Just returned from the most relaxing and peaceful stay at Barnutopia as part of a hen party. Gary. The kune kune (or kunekune) breed is reared for meat as well as pets. The kitchen areas are really well equipped (including the table football table our boys loved). This would be things like a triangle shelter so piglets can sleep in the corners. Are Kunes True Pasture Pigs? The place is beautiful and the hospitality second to none! I use Allen & Page Pot Bellied pig feed for my two. Looking forward. Health Care: Kunes are a pretty healthy breed, and many owners dont find the need to bother with vaccines. . We had all the yurts, cabin and stables also some extra tent campers. We had a great time at Barnutopia, Steve and Katrina are on hand to help with anything they can. They are still rare in the United States. A sow will be receptive to the boar for 8 to 48 hours. The meat is dark red and richly marbled, leading to moist and tender meat. The pigs, who we renamed bacon and sausage, were a lovely surprise for our guests and Mrs B's horses had all the kids in awe. Animals were a treat and there were many comparisons with Zeva and other family pets Zeva won every time apparently! There is no such thing as a "tea-cup" or "micro" pig. Just hook up a hose and it keeps itself full. From DNA analysis, it seems that Kunekune pigs have Asian origins. Keep on keeping on, thanks to all the team , Wow! See you again. Michelle and all the Thomases and Bonds xxx, Amazing .such a lovely family .looked after us all they couldn't do enough for us. Our Yurt was spotlessly clean and well equipped. A good shelter will be draft free and dry. But just like any other pigs, we should provide them with a balanced . We look forward to our next visit when bump arrives and can't wait to see all the new things you've done. Goats are little "Houdini's" so if your fencing is keeping them in, then it will be sure to keep in your kunes! (These are NOT mini pigs. #wewillreturn #pancakes #firepits #goodfun #needaholidaytorecover, Wonderful night in a Yurt, thank you Katrina and family for being so welcoming and relaxed. an incredible host from start to finish, helping with the planning, suggesting local businesses to help with things like decoration, and answering all of my (many, many) questions almost immediately. Bedding: What's nice about pigs is that they tend to keep their bedding clean. Totally shocked had been lovely in the . They can pretty easily do up to 2 litters per year. 51. The perfect camping experience without having to take anything but yourself (and some clothes!) Every lesion is the result of a bite. For some homesteads, they may not provide as good an ROI as faster-growing pigs. Pigs are omnivores and do not have a rumen like goats/cows/sheep. Productive Years For A Pig: Sows can continue to breed up until roughly 4-6 years of age, while boars may be done by 3-4 years of age due to weight. When you have removed the piglets, reduce the sows feed ration to keep her from getting overly fat. All males. How long are pigs pregnant. There are certain characteristics to consider. :-), Just got back from a fab weekend at Barnutopia. However, trimming can be a challenging task for a new owner, which is why we advise seeking professional help or assistance from a veterinarian. The presence of a fat rollover on your pig's eyes indicates that your pet may be overweight. Pay close attention to their coat and check periodically for sicks of parasitesany evidence of fleas or ticks should be removed as soon as possible and treated by a professional. A very welcoming and friendly place, stunning landscape all around, great walks and beautiful Waterfall really close. Kunekune pigs are generally smaller than many other kinds of pigs. This will give you LOTS of nutrients. It is not common in pigs over 2-3 months of age. Pigs are quite resistant to tetanus, but if they do get the disease, they do not respond well to treatment, and most die. Birth To Butcher: Kunekunes are slower growing pigs and can take anywhere from 12-18 months before they are ready to process. At certain times of the year, the pastures may not provide adequate protein for the pigs. Because they root less, Kunekunes are not as hard on fields and fences as other breeds. If you live in an area with warm temperatures, you may be able to get two litters of piglets from each sow. I can think of a few animalsin addition to kunekune, but nothing better. Thanks, Just returned from a 5 night break with my 3 boys aged 8, 15 & 17. However, the way that these pigs managed to get from Asia to New Zealand is unclear. As olly put it, " I don't want to leave "! They can enjoy life in any climate as long as they have proper shelter for the climate. We will visit again! It is great for couples, families and party's. Kune Kune pigs are smaller and slower growing than the Yorkshire Landrace. If you choose to house your kunekune pig indoors, provide it with a place or room of its own. We had a wonderful stay at Barnutopia! outstanding. Pig eating some corn-on-the-cob. Do pigs bite? The scavenger hunt was so much fun, I belly laughed the whole way round and even the staff at local pub were lovely (and fellow brummies apparently!). . Thanks for having us , Stopped ther for the first time last night and wow. Lovely bbq followed by a warm fire. comfortable. Wow wow wow, I cannot recommend this enough, just got back after a two night stay, and cannot wait to return! Kunekune pigs can thrive without imports in a well-designed pasture/orchard system. A fab place for a gathering of friends / family, would recommend highly to anyone looking for somewhere to go either as a group or family. Live weight was around 300lbs for each and a hanging weights were 197lbs and 199lbs. Everything we needed to self-cater was provided. The only small issue was the heat inside the yurt during the day (there was a heatwave on, so it was to be expected), but I know Katrina has got plans to address this soon. This means they are better suited for making lard than muscle meat. Having just experienced the magical yurts, the. Official Website: What more can I say. Then once a year. We have stayed in Stable Stephanie and the lodge cabin. DEFINITELY 5* Had a very enjoyable 3 night break in yurt Bronwyn. They don't like onion skins. Kunekune swine will need shelter in winter weather. They come in a massive array of colors. The weather was brilliant and even when the heavens opened later in the evening, everything was in hand. Also the pancake breakfast is awesome :) Very friendly and sociable atmosphere sitting around the, campfire toasting marshmallows under the stars , I cant express how much fun me and my family had over this Easter weekend at Barnutopia. Oink! The kids in our group loved it as did the dogs and the next time we come to stay ( yes we will be back) I'm definitely trying the Yurts out. Do I eat my pigs? We couldnt of asked for more. Kunekune pigs will do the majority of their growth in their first 18 months and then continue growing until they are around 3 years old. As of the moment, there are no specific details on the true origins of the Juliana breed. Print. Purchase Cost: Kunes tend to be more expensive than other breeds of pig. Most beautiful setting. Lifespan: Lifespan can vary depending on living conditions, proper feeding, and care. Simply making sure they have enough grass or hay to eat, have fresh water, and are healthy are the daily chores. I couldn't recommend them enough. This was an interesting one. Theres no way to know how many of them youll get in a litter, regardless of what the parents have. Wonderful, tranquil place. Seizures are rare in traditional breeds of swine. Thus she is pregnant. Id never recommend welded wire for any animal bigger than a rabbit or chicken. Kunekunes are the smallest recognized pig breed. Double that amount for winter feeding with access to plenty of hay. The most AMAZING place ever. loved every minute of our stay - lovely lovely lovely people Mr & Mrs B and family. Description of the Kune Kune. Such a fantastic place run by fantastic people. Look forward to seeing the new additions (Abb ) when we return. However, they will not be fully fertile until they are a year old. The breeding stock below show very healthy short snouts. Pigs dont like to potty where they sleep. Book Now!!! Having never stayed in a yurt before, we weren't entirely sure what to expect, but the stay was amazing! Wattles: Some Kunes have wattles. Thanks to their legendary appetite, pigs are easily overfed and can become obese as adults if special attention isn't paid to their diet. The sow's milk is a complete food for the piglets except for it lacks iron. A couple of showers but otherwise brilliant. Absolutely everything exceeded expectations. Our baby jaxon tried them so Katrina made some especially for us to take home. The yurt was beautiful and very comfortable. Heres How to Avoid Problems, Raising Pigs in Winter vs Summer How to Decide, Why Does Your Pig Have Small Litter Size and What You Can Do About It, How You Can Help Your Overweight Pig Lose Weight and Be Healthy, American Landrace Pig Breed Information and Guide, The Importance of Amino Acids for Pigs & How to Supplement Their Feed Correctly, How to Wean Piglets for Maximum Health and Minimum Stress. Their coat comes in a variety of colors, and the hair itself can vary from silky to bristly or coarse. Another thing to remember is that these pigs are very social critters. Torik and I had a wonderful experience at Barnutopia! They are very strong and will tip over buckets and water troughs unless they are firmly fixed in place. If your pigs will not have access to the outdoors, you should provide 50 to 80 square feet per pig in the barn. We couldn't have found anywhere better to help create a day that was so unique. On Saturday, David and the kids and I drove to a Kune Kune pig breeder farm south of Richmond ( Virginia Kune Kunes) and picked up the two newest additions to our little crazy family, a little black and white girl piglet who now goes by Tinkerbell, and a little orange boy piglet who now goes by Mr . We stayed for two nights and despite the wet and cold we loved every minute of our time at. That being said, mental exercise and stimulation are just as importantif not moreto the animal. David & Laura, We had a fantastic couple of days away at Barnutopia, such a lovely place. It wasn't cold, we loved listening to the rain in our cosy den! It doesnt have to be fancy. Kunekune are the smallest breed of pigs. Because of the shorter upturned snout, they root around in the soil less, causing less damage to pastures. The food was delicious and plentiful! kune kune with attitude . Thanks so much Steve and Katrina. These tasseled, sweet-tempered, medium-sized pigs hail from New Zealand. You can also filter pigs by breed. experience it was! Thank you Katrina and Steve, for helping us create our perfect day. Nose rings are considered unkind. We went for a wedding last month, and were blown away by how stunning Barnutopia is. Miniature Pig. Breakfast was delicious especially the famous pancakes. Would highly recommend and we will be coming back for summer. Jungle Meat Pigs - $150 (Chico) Jungle Meat pigs. Will definitely be going back again and raving about our experience to our friends and family. Pigs sometimes lash out and bite, usually either out of fear or out of lack of discipline. Kunekune pigs are actually omnivores, meaning that they enjoy both plants and meat in their diet. They prefer to move indoors and out, so make sure there is easy access to the outdoors. Why do I need papers/registration for my pigs? At BF Farm we . They can dehydrate very quickly if they run out. The whole site is perfect. We hired the whole site for a family festival to celebrate a big birthday. So how did they get to New Zealand and are now connected to . If you want a good meat pig that is a true grazing pig, consider Idaho Pasture pigs. 4 months - 6 months ~ 3/4 cup twice a day. From our first visit to Barnutopia we knew it was where we wanted to have our wedding. Milk raised pork makes for tasty meat . All the food was fantastic and no one was left hungry. Kunekune pigs have short legs, round bodies, and short upturned snouts. thanks for everything, Leah and Lucas, I completely recommend this beautiful venue for a wedding! We came back having done so many new things together, and having an extended sleepover in the magical yurt was very special, especially as I got my own bed and it was warm even when there was a hard frost overnight. Of course, the need for grain depends on the quality of your pastures. looked after by the entire team and the event ran seamlessly. Mr and, Mrs B are so helpful, recommending places and dinning options, try the breakfast, pancakes to die for, everything you need is there, and the animals are an added bonus! The food was great and the hosts even better! The campfires at the end of the night were perfect. If you have a small piece of property and want a pig that the neighbors will find less objectionable, the Kunekune may be a good choice. Unless you have overfed your sow, and shes excessively fat, she will seldom lay on her piglets and crush them. All rights reserved. Thank you so much for allowing us to have our special day here, it was absolutely perfect and an experience we will never forget. They have short, upturned snouts that discourage rooting, and they do not challenge fences. Maintaining your pig's hair is less complicated than it may seem. Ive heard of someones pig dying because it went 24 hours without water during winter. Farrowing huts should be roughly 7.5 by 5 feet. Kunekune sows seldom need assistance. Characteristics, Housing, Diet, and Other Information. I highly recommend booking the breakfast as it is out of this world! Go, you won't be disappointed! Our children loved the space, Interacting with the animals and having a treasure hunt organised just for them! Thank you looking forward to booking sometime this year. Thank you Steve and Katrina for welcoming my son and I into your home. Experience thereby has an important role in reducing aggression. Can't wait to come back in the summer!! They are considered part of the breed standard. Laid back, comfortable and stunning location. The wedding day went seamlessly and our guests were blown away by the venue. Only when socialised to other pigs during early life do pigs seem to make this assessment of their opponent. Was here for a friends wedding and it was the most superb place to hold a wedding, every aspect worked imo. Lots of love Angela & Rob xxx. How Many Litters Per Year? It is also a great place to go and spend a few nights away too, the yurts are so quirky and cozy, we will definitely be coming here to stay ! Roughly 100-120#. are very welcoming. If you want to keep their area dry, then hog nipples are very popular. Do you breed micro pigs, teacup pigs or miniature pigs? Wonderful hosts and a comfortable stay in, stable Stephanie. Plenty of amazingly good cooked food by Katrina. Welcome to the family, Tinkerbell and Mr. Smee! room and the yurt itself is beautiful. It was lovely having the owners join us around the camp fire (fire wood included) in the evening and exchanging stories. The sow had been previously bred (to a different pig) and arrived pregnant. Feed the animals, and let them deposit top soil, then rotate them as necessary. She is trained as a Fear Free Certified Professional to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. The owners are so accommodating and the scenery is stunning. Fab staff Like the pot-bellied pig, kunekune are small domestic pigsbut unlike pot-bellies, they have long hair and are originally from New Zealand. Yurts book up quick but we are aiming to get one next time!! Once the piglets and mother pig are fighting over the food, the piglets can be removed to ensure that they get adequate feed. Literally just got home from an exhausting but fantastic 40th birthday weekend. beautiful views and scenery all around. After you get the CPH number you then tell your local authority and they assign aherd number. They can weigh between 150 and 400 pounds with the males generally being heavier and taller than females. Cost of a KuneKune ranges from $800-$1,600, and an average litter is about eight piglets. You are here Home The Accidental Smallholder Forum Livestock Pigs kune kune with attitude . The scavenger hunt was great fun and suitable for all ages, our youngest was 3 and she loved running around the countryside collecting the 'blue diamonds' or so I hear. Kune Kune are fantastic as pets, but can also be raised for meat.